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As I get older, the time passes far more quickly.  I used to think Christmas would never come, and now I know it’ll be back around before I know it.  The calendar used to creep toward summers, yet it’ll be 110 degrees again before any of us are ready for it.  Yes, time flies.  Whether you’re having fun or not, but, as I’ve learned, especially if you are.

This has been a really fun year.  Though I didn’t make it to any Alabama football games, I accomplished a lot otherwise.  Professionally and personally.  I’m almost ready to say it was the best yet.  Almost.  There’s always room for growth, and as an eternal optimist, I fully believe that 2012 will be the best year ever.  And then 2013…2014…

Last year, I made resolutions.  And quite honestly, with one MAJOR exception, I didn’t do that well in following them.  Funny how we set out to do so much, and life gets in the way.  But when it gets in the way, you have to detour.  You have to be willing to forge the new path and take what it gives you.  Because if I looked back only at that rather trite list of things I wanted to do more of and feel more of in 2011, I wasn’t so successful.  Yet in the smile that stares back at me in the mirror most mornings, I see that in 2011 I was victorious.

The biggest lesson is that life is short.  Why should I pigeonhole myself with a list of things I may or may not do, when in the meantime, there’s life to be LIVED and LOVED?  This post made my month…maybe my year.  This is how I want to be, throwing most of it to the wind and enjoying what I have and where I am.  Being. Here. Now. (Still a theme…)

So, no resolutions for 2012.  Other than being and loving.  But, those are becoming akin to breathing in my world…for which I am most thankful.  Blessings and freedom and peace and love to you and yours in 2012 and far beyond.


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