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Family Rule

I am a rule follower.  Which is funny, because, we never had house rules growing up.  Granted, I was an only child and the ultimate pleaser (still am).  Rules weren’t really written down, dictated, or enforced.  I knew what was right and wrong, and I did the former far more than the latter.  Especially since disappointing anyone, especially my parents, was and is one of my greatest fears.  I digress…and I’ll get off of the couch now, Doc.

The one family rule we’ve always had and still live by is “Don’t mess with happy.”  It sounds so simple.  Yet so hard to do.  I’m guilty of pushing the envelope.  If joining this group made me happy, I should probably be in three more.  If I love being with someone, clearly we should live together immediately.  Being happy is elusive.  And not “messing with” it is usually harder than I anticipate.

I posted about another mantra I subscribe to, Be.Here.Now. over a year ago.  And I’m getting better at all of it.  Enjoying the moment, taking it all in, appreciating, and not messing with happy.  But there’s always room for improvement.

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