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Today is my Granny’s birthday.  Well, was.  She left us over six years ago.  But her lessons are always with me…

She taught me to cook…well, she tried.  Her pancakes are the best I’ve ever eaten (it didn’t hurt that they came in whatever shape I requested), and she saved bananas from an untimely disposal to make delicious bread.

She taught me to play.  We spent hours with my 40+ plus Barbie dolls; brushing hair, changing clothes, inventing scenarios.  We also successfully ran a plastic ice cream parlor, from which my PaPa always ordered pistachio (even though we didn’t have that flavor). 

She taught me to love.  She was married to PaPa for over 50 years.  They often danced in the living room and always looked at each other with pure devotion.  She cared for my Dad, and subsequently me, with a gentle hand and an open heart.

She taught me practical lessons.  Like how to count to 10 in Cherokee.  And, I still make grocery lists on envelopes, so that I can put the coupons I plan to use inside, just as she and I did on our weekly trips to Bi-Lo. 

She taught me to care.  There wasn’t a child anywhere that my Granny didn’t dote on (clearly I fell into that camp until the day she died). 

She taught me to learn.  My Granny was one of the smartest women I’ve ever known.  And while she wasn’t able to attend college, she made sure that I never missed an opportunity to further my own education.

She taught me to laugh.  Her sharp mind led to a quick wit.  I remember many family conversations peppered with laughter lasting until the wee hours of the morning.

I wish she were here.  I know tonight we’d have eaten cake (she’d have let me pick what kind, even though it was her birthday) and played dominoes for hours.  I’ll always miss her.  But sharing all that she taught me and living in a manner that would make her proud allow her to live on.


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