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As many of you know, I went to the University of Alabama.  I’m pretty proud of it.  I’ve been known to drop “Roll Tide” into conversations, hashtags, text messages… And, as a proud alum of THE University of Alabama, I don’t like Auburn.  But maybe, just maybe, I’m softening.

In February, a fan of my proud school made a grievous error, poisoning centuries old Oak trees standing at Toomer’s Corner at the “school down the road.”  Most of us associated with UA were outraged and heartbroken.  While those trees are not ours to love, they’re also not ours to destroy.  A grassroots group known as “Tide for Toomer’s” sprang into action, raising awareness…and $50,000…to save the mighty trees and strengthen sometimes strained relations between two proud universities.

Last Wednesday, the skies opened up and cut a swath across my former Sweet Home.  Many died, more are missing, and still more have lost everything.  The images we’ve all seen are heartbreaking and the stories much worse.  I still have friends in the community and unfortunately, they’ve relayed that the pictures merely scratch the surface on the utter devastation Tuscaloosa faces. 

And then, the “school down the road” came calling.  A Facebook group of Auburn fans and students called “Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa” appeared.  They’ve sounded…and answered…the call for donations, for deliveries, for volunteers.  With each new tweet or status update calling for school supplies or stadium cups or someone to cut limbs,  I relent a bit more.

Now, never completely will my disdain for Auburn disappear.  Nor should it.  That’s what makes our rivalry great.  But from an Alabama grad currently hundreds of miles away from her beloved T-Town and feeling helpless, I say “thank you.”  And, just this once, “War Eagle!”


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