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Bring in da noise…

So, at the end of 2010, I had an ear infection.  And I still have days I wake up and can’t hear well (yes, I use q-tips, thank you).  But, this week, I’ve almost grown to appreciate it.

So often we get caught up in the “noise.”  The iPhone ringtones.  The text messages.  The iTunes shuffle.  The talk radio pundits.  The TV talking heads.  All I seem to hear is other people’s noise.  And for a moment, not hearing was the best loss of sensory perception I’ve known.  I heard my own thoughts, my own wishes, my own advice.  I’ve heard the beating of my heart, faster when in a stressful situation, slow and steady when I focused and relaxed.  I heard my needs…and will hopefully act on them.

Earlier this week, I posted my resolutions.  I still believe in and hope to complete the course with them all.  I also posted a few weeks back about my word.  While I remain “thankful” always, I think my newest word might be “listen.”  Listen to myself.  Listen to my friends and not my text message tone.  Listen to God when he speaks to my heart.

When we “bring in da noise,” we also “bring in da funk.”  The funk of falling victim to so many distractions from our goals; from our path.  I hope this year, I learn to ignore the noise…and LISTEN to the beautiful silence of myself.

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