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The Resolution Roll

There’s not much ado I can muster for resolutions, so…drumroll…no?  OK, here we go:

  • Take more pictures.  Of people.  Of places.  Of things.  Even of myself. 
  • Blog more.  (That better not be a collective groan I hear…)
  • Cook more…which leads to…
  • Put the fire department and poison control on speed dial.
  • Fall in love.  With my situation, my life, myself.
  • Follow more closely my Jesus.

The last one is the best one.  Usually I like to employ that “save the best for last” trick.  I wish you all a blessed and bright 2011.  And I thank you for the part you played in blessing and brightening my 2010.

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“For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet”

First of all, what is a spinet?  … Anyway, I love Christmas.  I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, Santa always came to my house, drank the “little coke” (in a glass bottle) I placed out for him, left what I had been pining for.  Grandparents doted on me throughout the year, but Christmas was always over the top.  And not just materialistically, although there were gifts…but with time, with memories, with great stories told around a dinner table.  My house was the Christmas dinner house, where both sides of the family merged, ate, laughed that magical afternoon while I performed puppet shows, rode my new bike, or made brownies in the easy-bake oven that rivaled my grandmother’s pie (ok, not really).

But, this year, it’s different.  All of my grandparents have left for a heavenly home.  My small family is getting tinier.  And I’m just not feeling it.  I’ve said that putting up a tree feels like too much work.  I have yet to finish shopping, when usually gifts are wrapped right after Thanksgiving.  I’m not in the spirit yet.  And I don’t feel like it’s around the corner either…  My childlike wonder for the season has been replaced with grumblings over the lack of parking at the mall.

So many say that Christmas is diluted, that the real meaning of the holiday is lost in tinsel and Black Friday campouts.  For the first time in my young life, I might agree.  While the true reason for the season lives in me all year, I can’t quite get caught up by the commercialism this year.  I’m hoping it doesn’t mean my heart is a few sizes too small…

Therefore, the song holds especially true this year.  Maybe if I expend the energy to “haul out the holly,” I’ll get the Christmas I remember.  The Christmas I need.

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