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I read Eat, Pray, Love.  I saw the movie.  I have wondered for a while what my word is.  I read this fabulous post by a friend.  And still, I was unsure.

This week is a holiday week.  No, not the Iron Bowl, although that’s a pretty big deal for me.  Memories of turkey day growing up flood back and I can easily recall myself rolling out pie crusts with my grandmother, tasting (and gagging at) my grandfather’s oyster dressing, being amazed by the cranberry sauce that keeps the shape of the can…which I still marvel over and love.  As we’ve discussed, my family is small, but holidays have always been huge and the memories of them feed my soul more than a double helping of mashed potatoes with giblet gravy.

It comes to me.  My word is thankful.  Thankful.  My life, though not perfect, is mine.  My family, though few and far away, loves me.  My friends, though I don’t see or talk to some of them as much as I would like, bring laughter.  My faith, though shaken more often than I would admit over coffee, sustains me.  All of these blessings, which I tend to overlook, have been given freely to me.  I am undeserving, but ever thankful.

Merriam-Webster defines thankful in three ways.  One, conscious of benefit received.  I am ever-cognizant of all that I have graciously been given.  Two, expressive of thanks.  I hope that I appear to express my appreciation; for gifts, for comforts, for friendships.  And three, well pleased.  I am more than glad to have what I have, know whom and what I know, and be who I am.

Part of the struggle to find my word was that it needed to be able to grow with me, continue to encompass me.  And, when I arrived at thankful, I realized, that if I live my life in a way that I continue to be such, I will have been a success.  As a daughter, as a friend, as a (future) wife, as a person.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  And I’m thankful for you.

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