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The List

”Life is either a daring adventure…or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Because my much cooler friends Savannah, Audreya, and Kerri posted a “Life List” recently, I was moved to do the same.  John Goddard’s famous list has also inspired me, and my mom used to ask her high school students to journal a life list on the first day of class. 

However, while speaking to another friend last night, the caution was raised that such a list can make you feel unaccomplished if the boxes don’t get checked.  And, there are some things you don’t want to share with everyone…  But, an abbreviated, fluffy list follows (please don’t hold me to it):

  1. Visit all 50 states.  (32 down.)
  2. See the Rain in Spain.
  3. Invent something of usefulness.
  4. Witness a record-breaking athletic feat in person.  (Division IA – NCAA Football – Most rushing yards per game – 406 – LaDainian Tomlinson)
  5. Teach a child to read.
  6. Buy a house.
  7. Learn to read, write, and speak another language fluently.
  8. Meet a Former President.  (2 down – George HW Bush and Bill Clinton)
  9. Run for public office.
  10. Go to the World Series.
  11. Go to the NCAA Final Four.  (2003 – KU, UT, Marquette, Syracuse)
  12. Go to an NCAA Football Playoff Game.  (I’m with my friends Audreya and Kerri here – if we’re dreaming, dream big!)
  13. Go to all four golf majors.  (1 down – US Open)
  14. Take a long road trip, preferably set to music, a la Elizabethtown.
  15. Go to the Kentucky Derby and drink multiple mint juleps.
  16. Go to Yankees/sox game at both Yankee Stadium (old) and Fenway.
  17. Overcome fear of snakes.
  18. Overcome fear of failure.
  19. Shop for a wedding dress with my mom.
  20. Win big money in Vegas on a “hot roll” at the craps table with my dad. (If this happens, so can #27!)
  21. Learn to play the piano.
  22. Learn to yodel.
  23. Run a 5k…then a 10k…then a half marathon.
  24. Travel by train and eat in a dining car.
  25. Cook a gourmet meal.
  26. Appreciate stinky cheese.
  27. Buy one pair of amazing Christian Louboutin shoes.
  28. Consistently stand up for myself.
  29. Take more than one picture I like of myself.
  30. Tame the frizz.
  31. Enjoy nature (bugs, snakes, and all).
  32. Appreciate “being here now.”

There are more, I am sure…and hopefully I’ll keep adding to what has been a full life in only 28.5 years.  All in all, I’m a lucky girl with lofty goals.


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Descanza en paz.

It’s been less than a week since I posted about not attending my class reunion.  My thoughts were on my high school days, when I was reading the news feed on Facebook over the weekend.  I was shocked…and then saddened…and still troubled to learn that the valedictorian of my class had died.  While I am not close to anyone I graduated with, nor had I spoken to this girl in nearly a decade, my heart broke reading posts on her wall and reliving high school days.  We were in many of the same classes, on much of the same path.  I was nominated alongside her, for outstanding senior woman, and we participated in extracurricular activities together.

High school was filled with many good times, however, also marred by harshness of the “real world.”  The class before mine lost their valedictorian, a friend of all of us as well, in what became the last official Bonfire, the fall of his first year of college.  My own class lost a member less than a month before graduation in an automobile accident.  This weekend brought back those painful memories, as well as created new ones. 

Again, my high school days are far behind me.  I only shared two years with those classmates, and have moved many times in the past decade.  However, the stinging shock of losing someone who was once so close, someone so much like me just a decade ago, is very real in the here and now.  I become younger and older in the same moment, as I regress to adolescent memories yet once again become hardened to pain that some my age have yet to experience. 

I borrowed the title of this post from a message to her this weekend that resonated with simplicity, sincerity, and solemnity:  Descanza en paz.  Rest in peace.  This is my fervent wish for her, along with so many others who struggle on Earth, and pass into eternity.

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