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Five Thoughts after Ten Years

As I write this, someone is planning (or has planned…who knows?) my 10-year high school reunion.  I am not planning to attend, for a number of reasons.  One being that with Facebook, I’ve got a reunion every day.  I’ve seen their engagement rings and ultrasound photos and new houses, so, we’re pretty much caught up.  But, the message about the reunion (sent of course via Facebook) did make me think.  So, here’s what I came up with: 

  • I am not the same person who walked across that stage 10 years ago.  I look different.  I act different.  I might not even be friends with the high school me, not because she was mean, but because she was meek.  I’m still working on that, but mama’s got a lot more backbone these days.
  • I got over my first love.  Ah, the high school sweetheart.  Kudos if you made it work with yours.  But 17 year-old me is not the same as 28 year-old me (see above), and definitely doesn’t love the same.  We were good, and then we weren’t.  And I. Was. Crushed.  But, in hindsight, it would never have been long-term.  I’m glad I know that, and I’m sure his wife is too.
  • Cliques will follow you for the rest of your life.  There will always be a day when you don’t have someone to sit with at the lunch table, or someone makes fun of your outfit (jeggings, really??).  Rise above it, and know that this part of high school, as Bowling For Soup sings, never ends.
  • You will use some of the stuff you learned, especially the math that I complained about endlessly.  I have actually needed geometry.  I can’t say the same for pre-calculus, but…
  • High school is NOT the best or most important time in your life.  I’m not sure what is yet, but things that I thought mattered, like homecoming mums (yes, huge ones…I went to HS in Texas) and student council elections and prom dress colors, haven’t crossed my mind once, save for writing this blog, in the last 10 years.

I had fun in high school (all three of them…), and am thankful for the friends and the memories.  But what I’m most thankful for, maybe, is that it’s over.  And that I outgrew it.  And that I don’t have to do math homework anymore.

Today’s kicks:  Doc Martens, clearly.  Because in Texas, I really needed heavy boots everyday. And probably still do, right?

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Season 5

In my house, there are five seasons.  Just like you (most likely), we recognize winter, spring, summer, and fall.  But there’s another, that actually encompasses a part of three of the traditional ones:  Football Season.  It begins in late summer, with two-a-days and media days.  It stretches through fall, through conference games and trophy presentations.  It ends during winter, with bowl games and signing day.  It makes sense that it takes three seasons to create the defining time of each year in my life…I rarely fit into traditional boxes.  Press boxes are more my speed.

And so, this weekend, my calendar made a seismic shift.  Kickoff brings nerves and crazy and trash talk that I rarely display in other phases of my life.  I try to keep it in check, but I make no promises.  Here are a few things to note during Season 5.  They may or may not be signs that I may need a banana or a glass of water.

1. I will skip events that others may deem important to attend, watch, or even listen to a game.

2. If the game is not on in my area, I will spend more than my monthly shoe allowance for pay-per-view.  I will also Google and call any number of local sports bars to inquire if they will be showing the game.

3. Words and phrases like “corner blitz,” “cover 2,” and “post route” become a part of my everyday vernacular.

4. I went to a lot of schools.  I support them all, unless they play each other.  Then, as in all aspects of my life, family comes first.

5. I have fight songs on my iPod.  Yes, that’s songS.  Plural.

6. I’m not pleasant to be around after losses.  Poking the bear is not a good idea…because sometimes there is crying in college football.

My life has afforded me amazing opportunities, and football is responsible for many of them.  So, please forgive me now for throwing myself into it.  But don’t worry…the fifth season ends in February.

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