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No, I’m not running for anything.  But, I am on a campaign for (at least) four more years in my adopted hometown of Little Rock.  I never thought I would be here…and now I can’t imagine not being here.  I moved here four years ago this weekend to be an intern, unpaid, and hopefully meet one of my heroes.  I moved here for grad school credit.  I fully anticipated not being here longer than three months…

In the past four years, my parents have moved twice, and not just around the block.  This is not that earth-shattering in my world, but does further underscore my deep desire for a home.  In the past four years, I met the hero I came to shake hands with, and have traveled halfway across the world working for him.  I lost my last grandparent, quit my first job, bought my first house, got another degree.  I’ve made friends and lost friends.  I’ve moved (twice – sigh).  I’ve been social and anti-social.  Most of all, I found my place.  Not necessarily in the physical sense, although one of the friends I made also happened to become the realtor who sold me my first plot of land.  But I’ve also found my home.

And that, my friends, is a milestone.  This is the girl who from 6th to 11th grade never attended the same school two years in a row.  This is the girl who leaves the “hometown” question blank most of the time.  But now…it’s here.  My home.  And it is truly mine because, while I would have moved to the ends of the Earth with my family, I got to choose this place and create everything it has become to me.  Yet while I say I chose to be here…I think in some ways that Little Rock chose me.  And what a pair we’ve made.

So, I ask humbly, for at least four more years here.  Because I’ve only just begun to experience home like this.  And it’s a feeling that I don’t want to give up anytime soon.

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